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Thread: Magento or OpenCart - Which is best for eCommerce website?

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    Magento or OpenCart - Which is best for eCommerce website?


    I know both are good for development but which is best. Do you know?

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    I'd still go with Shopify.

    However, if I had to choose then I'd go with Megento .... as I understand it's more open for development customisation.

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    Magento is more powerful opensource for ecommerce business. Especially magento 2 is amazing.

    According to my experience and office report, most of our clients started migration of their bigcommerce, shoify, xcart, opencart to Magento 2 platform

    And one of the main issues clients facing that magento versions releasing by one by one very instantly. There it is very tuff to get proper extension right time

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    They have a lot in common, both are open source, developed in PHP, and free-to-download, they support multiple languages and currencies... Magento is more popular.
    One of the greatest differences is in the simplicity,Magento requires an programming knowledge and technical expertise, while OpenCart is considerably easier to use and manage.

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    I prefer Magento, for my needs it's perfect!

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    Magento and Opencart have some similar advantages and features:

    1. Both are open source eCommerce platforms, neither limit users

    2. Both are popular and have huge developer communities for support

    3. Both are developed in PHP

    4. Both are global ecommerce platforms supporting multiple languages and most currencies

    5. Both are resource rich with add on products and plugins

    6. Both use templates to upload products and can be maintained by non-programmers

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    I prefer Magento for my business, honestly. If you are interested in it too, I recommend you to take a look at the service from where you will be able to get some custom built extensions for your business. I think you will find it helpful to you, good luck

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    Why not WooCommerce? Well, WooCommerce is an open source and allows you unlimited customization. So this is the best options to create an ecommerce website. Also, WooCommerce allows you to create an ecommerce website in simple and easy steps. Yes, you don’t need to do a hard work!

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    To start with I would stay away from anything written in php and not just because its the most hacked language in the world but because just about every php developer I know say they would rather be coding in python.

    Now … I don’t know about you but if I have a mechanic working on my car I would much rather it be a car he loves to work on verses one he loathes.

    In addition to this Magento as been sold to Adobe who out of the blue started charging for java.

    But lets be specific ...

    1) Magento is not small, it’s very heavy with a lot of features ... most of which you will ever use ... which makes it bloated.

    2) It’s difficult to setup, configure and host. Because of it’s vast file base, some hosts limit at 30 – 100k files. Since the files alone limit your hosts, for those “Magento” specific hosts that limit to 100k you’re going to struggle with the amount of products you can have.

    3) Owners have nightmares when they try and edit the homepage, other words, it’s about as least user friendly as possible.

    4) Designers and Developers hate it.

    5) Very costly to maintain. Because there’s so much hate around it, and it’s a total nightmare it comes with a premium.

    And OpenCart is even worst

    OpenCart uses MyIsam for ALL tables, which first of all shouldn’t even be a consideration in any MySql 5+ setup really and second and more important IT DOES NOT SUPPORT TRANSACTIONS.

    Simple logic dictates that transactions are a fundamental part of e-commerce, but apparently the team behind OpenCart decided that's not that case!?

    They load the language file and manually map ALL the entries making the site heavier then it needs to be with hundreds of lines of code for each controller.

    Validation is done with PHP functions manually for every form field and I could go on and on about the problems in their code but suffice to say, they **** worst than Magento.

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    Magento is the most popular open source e-commerce platform among sites ranking in the top 1,000,000 such websites in the world. Only when counting all open source e-commerce websites in the entire Internet does Magento fall to second behind OpenCart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efusionworld View Post

    I know both are good for development but which is best. Do you know?
    Both have a lot in common. Both platforms support several languages and currencies, and each comes with a myriad of plugins, extensions, and third-party services. They also both enjoy global community support. The main difference between the lies in its usage capacity.

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    Magento is always considered as one of the most utilized choices

    Magento has so much to offer and it has been the best pick for almost every ecommerce web design company since its introduction and has been serving the industry throughout this period. Magento scales beautifully across phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and manages customers’ sensitive financial information.

    You can read this article to know Why Is Magento The Best Choice For Enterprises?

    Hope useful,

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    If you ask me, then I would recommend that you use Magento because its security feature is of the high level while OpenCart's Security feature is light. Magento lets you work on big and multiple businesses, while OpenCart, you can do the job of small business.

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    Oh yeah it's Great information you have shared with us!!

    As far as popularity is concerned, Magento is hands down the winner. It has a choice of platform for nearly 3 times as many stores as OpenCart. Magento has a huge community of supporters as well.

    How much support is available online for your desired platform? How big is the community around it in terms of solutions and extensions?
    Are you looking to have a flexible custom solution or would you rather go for more standardized settings?
    What additional features and functions will you want to integrate into your online store, on top of the obvious default ones?
    Which eCommerce platforms best supports the features you require?
    Are there any known performance issues with the platform/solution?
    Do you want to sell outside of your own country?
    How do you plan to tackle SEO performance and social share-ability and are they a top priority for your business?
    Will you be running multiple stores?
    What is your e-commerce content strategy? Do you need to integrate your eCommerce store with a WordPress blog?

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    Magento is a more powerful opensource for eCommerce business than OpenCart. It offers the ultimate eCommerce solution with a powerful blend of highly scalable design.

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