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Thread: Can you please rate my site Eva Cleaners?

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    Can you please rate my site Eva Cleaners?

    Hi guys,

    I hope to get some feedback here. I have a carpet cleaning company based in London - Eva Cleaners and most of the cleaning jobs are coming from the website. In the last few weeks the online inquiries went down by almost 40%. I spoke with a marketer and he told me that the site of Eva Cleaners has bad user experience and therefor it loosing potential customers.

    Can you please review the site and share your thoughts? Do you think that this person is right and the site is not user-friendly?

    Here is the website:

    Also please share your suggestions as well.

    Thanks in advance

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    I did notice that your homepage banner links to which is a dead page. Looks like it should be linking to /book-a-cleaner.php

    I'm sure that fix will help you recover some of the inquiries you have lost.

    I also noticed that you don't mention London in your meta data ... which means you are likely missing out on London based searches in Google.

    Hope that helps.

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