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Thread: How many site handle for SEO?

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    Thank you so much for sharing the info here! I have been looking for some SEO tips for my website which I created with the help of the website builder online. Maybe you can tell me a bit more about what to think of. Thank you so much!
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    Its Up to you

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    50-60 SEO clients is a healthy amount. But of those 50-60, how many are full SEO campaigns? In the SEO world, there are multiple levels of "SEO" from Google My Business management to heavy link building. In my opinion, you can effectively handle 50-60 SEO clients, but it depends on the package they are signed up for.

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    Which website builder did you use?

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    I was always building a free website on Wix and after a trial period, I was buying a full membership. So they give you a cool option to try before buy. While reading an article I found that there are more website builders mentioned but I really enjoyed Squarespace and Wix. To be honest I enjoyed it more Wix the most as it seems more comfortable and user-friendly for me. Some of my friends still consider WordPress one of the best site builders but I cannot agree with that.

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