In the battle of e-commerce increasingly fierce today, there are many websites selling online, many of which are using Shopify to create a website for themselves. Sellers want to show customers their products are the best, which is essential for them, but how customers will visit your website to trust buying and always remember the product name. , brand store. We can use marketing methods to get your brand to as many customers as possible. In marketing methods, attaching the store name or brand name to each product image is a great solution. This helps to reduce gaps in each product image and helps your brand stay in consumer memory for longer. In particular, it also helps you not to have your product photos stolen that you spent a lot of time with Photos and editing location. There is an application called "Super Watermarks" from developer 2B that can solve this problem perfectly. It will quickly put the brand name logo on the product image, everything will be easy with many different usable functions in the application. Try it out for free to see how convenient and useful it is. Please rate your store's conversion rate change before and after using the app to come up with your business strategy.
Wish you success with your store.!