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Thread: Which Social media channel is best for marketing ?

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    Yelp. The ideal social media platform for businesses, with Yelp your customers will provide reviews of your business products and services. ...
    YouTube. ...
    Instagram. ...
    Pinterest. ...
    Twitter. ...

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    There are number of social media platforms that are great for your marketing purpose. You can reach to a new audience and target them to increase conversions and sales. Social media plays an important part in marketing strategy nowadays. Below are some top platforms you must be using-

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    Social media platforms increase your website traffic very fast. I think Twitter and Instagram is an best social media platform.

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    That depends on quite a few things, the first would be the industry your business is in if you are in a industry like the wedding industry photography wand pinterest would work if you are in something else like say graphic design or website development you may need to use facebook, the food industry and business to business also tend to do well in terms of marketing on facebook. Instagram is great for photography it really depends. The point here really is tho market where your clients are.

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    In this digital age, it is possible to stay ahead of the pack through social media marketing, but that only happens if businesses know which platform is mostly used by their customers.

    While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the widely used social media platforms for B2C businesses, it is still important to conduct target market research prior to choosing which social channel works best.

    Are you targeting Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials, or Gen Z? Each generation has their own preference when it comes to using social media. If your customers are Baby Boomers and Gen X, Facebook is the best option, but if your main customers are Millenials and Gen Z, Instagram and Twitter will surely give you the successful result you desire for your business. They are also active on Facebook, so you have three options.

    It is also worth noting that videos attract more audience, so I suggest that you start creating videos to let your customers know who you are and what you do. However, remember not to give your sales pitch right away. You can do that at the end of the video. Prioritise delivering quality information or educational content such as tips, trending news, behind-the-scenes, fun business moments among others in order to grab the attention of your audience. Once you have finalised your video, upload it on YouTube as all generations are active on the platform. Also, don't forget to share every video you will be producing on your chosen social media sites to increase brand awareness that may lead to higher conversion.

    P. S.
    If you need help with social media management or video production to grow and expand your business, I'm here willing to assist you.

    Best of luck!

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    In my view, social media channels are great choice for marketing purposes. Many companies are getting traffic on their website through social sites. So, you can also try this method.

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    All the social media are good for marketing, each of them is having unique features. Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin are the best social media platforms. But if you don't have a huge number of likes and followers then no social media channel helps to promote your business. So, you need to enhance your social media likes and followers and there are lots of options to grow your likes and followers but according to me. Buy social media likes and followers is the best choice and Famups is the trusted social media service provider.

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    Depends on where your audience is. For milennials, Facebook and Youtube. For Gen Z, probably Tiktok. For older generations, they probably use a little bit of Facebook.

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    Recently, a lot of SMM specialists started promoting business accounts at Tiktok. I do the promotion of my business account on social networks without the help of a specialist, so I read a lot of articles from professionals in this. As I understand it, Tiktok is different from instagram, but all the same you need to have high-quality content that will be interesting to your subscribers. This will help you get more subscribers and more views of your Tiktok account. The more people know about you, react to your posts, the more chances there are to increase your sales or get more new customers for your business.

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