Dear SMB Community,

Thank you for welcoming me.

I just recently launched my second startup by the name of plug&paid ( After having previously spent 10 years of my life trying to build and grow, what is now a defunct, online 'social' marketplace, I did learn a lot of lessons on the way and came to realise that maybe simpler e-Commerce solutions would fair better in attracting a larger audience to adopt it. Combined with everything I learned and the awesome people I met on my journey, I did not want to give up on eCommerce just yet I therefore launched plug&paid, which is my take on a "distributed commerce" software solution with the mission to make deploying checkout carts in order to enable shopping on any custom website as simple as possible. No coding skills required. I am anxious to hear your feedback and any innovative ideas you might possess related to growth strategies and key features you would like to have in this type of software. In particular, the landing page still seems to be suffering from poorer than expected conversion rates and therefore any advice on that would be highly appreciated as well. Looking forward to your wisdom.



Thank you.

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George (Founder)