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Thread: Is direct mail advertising a good option?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcage View Post
    Direct mail is a key tool in my overall marketing plan. It works pretty fine though many experts state it has been dead. Using this online contact management software makes the entire direct mail campaign more successful. But you should remember that one single mailing does not make a marketing campaign.

    What is your experience in implementing such a project?

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    Yes, I tried, but most of my emails goes to trash folder and no one opens it... I don't really like email advertising, instead I do paid and social marketing.

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    Direct mail empowers you to be creative. Don't just fire off a boring letter that could get mixed up with a target's bills create something nobody has seen before.

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    Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and even a higher ROI than paid ads. They can work effectively in a campaign by themselves, or alongside a digital-marketing campaign. ... Because direct mail is more likely to get read, it increases your brand awareness, even if the first letter is unsuccessful

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    Direct mailing is not always a good idea. You have to be very specific about who to send this mail. People do not use mail for getting these advertisements, they have social medias for these. Mail is where they look for works stuffs. So if you direct mail to a wrong customer who is not in need of your product then it would just make them irritated. So if you target your customers then direct mailing might work.

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    You remember mail along with the person who sent it and why they sent it along. Plus, studies show that millennials who spend more time with a physical ad in hand have a stronger emotional response to the marketing campaign, lending a stronger overall memory of the ad.

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