Multi-vendor marketplace is the new trend when it comes toonline shopping. Marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon, and ******* are making huge effects on their buyers which have turned everyone’s attention towards marketplace platforms. Marketplaces biggest advantage is their multiple vendors selling capability under one roof, huge variety of products, product comparisons, and brand trust. Now a day’s vendors are showing more interest in marketplaces than single vendor ecommerce websites. That’s why various software development companies have readily available marketplace ecommerce models and software’s. In this blog we are going to see the points to be considered before choosing a marketplace model for your business.

Payment Gateway

First thing to consider is whether there are suitable payment gateways for sellers and buyers. A marketplace consisting multiple vendors and buyers from different locations should have secured payment processing along with convenience. Choose a marketplace that has capability to integrate various payment gateways and has a wallet system for its vendors to process seller’s revenue.

Revenue Structure

How will you charge vendors for selling in your marketplace, i.e., how will your company make a profit? The marketplace should have a well-defined revenue structure or capability to customize the revenue structure as per needs and consequences. There can be registration fee, each transaction fee, monthly/ yearly fee,bulk sales fee and more.

Fulfilment Options

By fulfilment we mean the shipping and delivery processes. Is the marketplace going to handle fulfilment or the vendors are responsible for shipment and delivery? Various marketplaces provide fulfilment options upon certain percentage. The marketplace should alsohave capability to incorporate different shipping options when required.

Customer Review, Ratings And Social Media Sharing

In a marketplace, there is always a question whether multiple vendors are delivering products that meet customer expectations. To know this the platform should integrate customer review, ratings and social media sharing. With this the visitor can get to know the reviews of the product, seller service experience and get confidence to buy. This builds trust for your marketplace brand.
After considering the above points and more, you will need an advanced multi-vendor marketplace software solution partner to help make your goals a reality.