We have (70+) users in the office and the team is growing, and I need to manage the inventory of Desktop, Laptops, and other computer equipment that I give out to these users.

Is there a simple inventory system where I can Bar-code the incoming equipment, scan it into the inventory system and then assign it to a User when I give it out.

When the equipment is faulty or the user is leaving I can de-assign from the user and back into the IT Department?

The inventory system needs to be simple but have multiple fields, example: ID/Barcode, Location of Equipment, Warranty, Lifetime, Assigned to, Status (New, Stocked, Re-stocked, Faulty, Disposed, Repaired, etc).

We already have an automated system that gets the BIOS, CPU, RAM, software, etc, status for each machine so this is not what I am looking for. I'm looking for a system where I can manually input status of machine so I know who it is assigned to.

This inventory will be so I know:
- How much hardware I am buying each year.
- How much
- What equipment is assigned to a user (and I need to get back from a user when they leave)
- Over time I want to have a screen to see how many machines/laptops each user has had over the last x years.

Is there a free or even a paid for software that can do this?

Thanks in advance!