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Thread: Chat E-Commerce Platform Expansion Testing

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    Chat E-Commerce Platform Expansion Testing

    Hi, all.
    I’m working as an intern for a Bangkok based Commerce Management Platform called “Sellsuki”. It’s quite successful in Thailand and I have been asked to determine it’s possible to expand to international markets.

    What I'm asking is if anybody could test this platform (outside of Thailand), and the give me feedback on it, and it's usability outside of SEA. This is not BETA testing as the product has already been running here for a while, its expansion testing.

    Sellsuki is an ecommerce platform allowing you to list products in stock, manage orders and payments. It’s “way of selling” is a popular one in South East Asia, but in my previous research I have found it isn’t done in the west. It work as sales via chat. The chat channels currently available are Facebook Messenger and Line@.

    A client send you/your page a message via Facebook Messenger, from the sellsuki platform you are able to reply, create an order and send an invoice for the product.
    Facebook recently released it’s Shop page where you can list products. In most countries, it is currently not possible to manage payments or anything via this shop, the only option is Chat to the seller. The sellsuki platform allows you to chat, create the order, send an invoice (payable online within the chat).

    There’s a free 14 day trial which allows you to use the inventory, orders, customer and chat functions. I'm not self promoting, I'd just like international testers (hence the trial and asking for feedback)

    Sorry for the long post and thank you for your assistance.
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    I couldn't enter to the website - it looks similar like our platform - look nice.
    Can you post here the english version of the page?

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    thanks for the info

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