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Thread: How to promote Business on Social media Channels ?

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    Unhappy How to promote Business on Social media Channels ?

    i am running minicabs and taxi company in London , our specific areas are Balham Minicabs , Tooting, and Stretahm Taxis

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceArifova View Post
    i am running minicabs and taxi company in London , our specific areas are Balham Minicabs , Tooting, and Stretahm Taxis
    This is simple!

    Actually, LinkedIn is probably the best social media you can use as a tool to improve your business, and it is even better now with groups.However, it doesn't work fully on its on, mostly because it is still very awkward to contact people directly. I think it happens because it is more of a social network. So you'll probably want to add different softwares to make the most of LinkedIn's content. You can make some research, but there are many softwares which use cold emailing via prospects you provide in your LinkedIn account. This is how they work:
    You install these application's plug-in in your browser, so it will start working seamlessly;
    Add your favourite prospects, in order to organise people which will receive your e-mails;
    The application will look for every person's contact informations, such as most probable e-mail account;
    You'll be guided to send (or schedule) e-mails and their follow-ups to your prospects.

    Now, all you have to do is to build a strategy of how reaching your targets and wait for replies to convert these people into your leads.

    I hope it was helpful!

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    Posting to social media sites is simply sharing what you like your readers to read and yes, this includes your website content or sub-pages.

    You can simply share the link to a page or post on your website and say something about it. Please take note that you are limited to a certain number of words only when posting on social media so try to get everything within this limit.

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    Hi Alice,

    If you want to promote your business in social media channels, then you can spent small amount of money for doing social media marketing. It's help your business brand awareness creation and get some leads.

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    Thanks Aracome for reply
    can you tell me how much amount are required for marketing on social media channels..

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    promote your content to your related target. Focus, where you can find your target audience for example if you are promoting about cleaning products, join cleaning groups in Facebook follow cleaning products related in twitter.

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    you can share your product on facebook groups and other social media channels ,

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    Thanks for great reply
    can you tell me how much amount are required for marketing on social media channels..

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    Well, social media channels plays a vital role in this digital marketing world. Large number of people are active on social media for various purpose whether for chatting, interaction or some do use it for promotion of their business as it is connected with massive audience.Promotion of your business means getting active on social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, Reddit, foursquare and many more. Social sharing on these sites, getting number of followers can be very beneficial for you.

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    You can take advantage of the groups on Facebook. There are groups that specifically discuss a certain topic, in your case, minicabs and taxis in London.

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    you can promote your site through social media channels.

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    you should share your product and services on Facebook groups and other social media channels ,

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    I would use hidden marketing directly among the target audience, simply selecting the groups and forums where they are and there would already be advertising, instead of ads via Facebook.

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    You can promote your business through social media. Like - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest can tell about their products and services.

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    Social media site has become an integral part of marketing. Promotion of your site can be easily done via social media but it should be promoted in an effective way. Your content is everything and it needs to reach to the right traffic and finding right target and its promotion in the social site is vital and necessary. There are multiple ways to promote your site such as:
    1. Follow your target customers
    2. Post at the right time
    3. Don't hesitate to post multiple times
    4. Keep on sharing
    5. Use share button
    6. Ask for feedback or queries

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