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Thread: Confused About POS System for business?

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    Confused About POS System for business?

    How to choose best POS system for my small business? Many POS software programs in market like fishes in a sea. How could i find out best POS software system?

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    You have to research and see demos of the software to determine which one matches your needs.

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    Needs of your business :
    Identify all the features, functions and services that you need to use for your business
    Depending on the size of your business and the capabilities you requirements define the cost of POS system
    Compare with other POS system:
    Do your research on the POS system focus on feedbacks and suggestions. Check the industry experience.

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    I just did a quick google search and found this infographic.

    Hope it helps.

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    It definitely depends on the type of business you are doing. Firstly you should know well what kind of features are relevant to your business. So, do a good amount research on that.

    Once you list out some POS systems that provide the features your business needs, choose the POS that is scaleable, ie, your inventory might increase, your business will grow and you might more stock coming in. So, choose a POS that has the capacity to expand as and when your business grows.

    Look for specific features like barcode scanning, storing customer database, setting taxations, calculating discounts, etc. If you get all these features in one software package, your job will be much easier.

    If you get a software with accounting integration too, that is the best.

    Get a cloud-based platform preferrably, so that you can monitor your store wherever you are in the world.

    And most importantly, check for the price of the software. 2 platforms might have the same features but might be priced very differently. There is no point paying much more for the same product/service. So, do good research for POS softwares before settling on one.

    Primaseller, Brightpearl, Tradegecko, Vend are some good options.

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