Hi everyone!
If I didn't choose the right forum section - sorry!
I'm new here and I need an advice. I'm gathering people's opinions.

Right now there's a thought on my mind.
I'm starting my own e-shop, selling female clothes. And I'm trying to find new ways to attract audience.
I often see articles with "Top 10" lists and they put some goods on the top, and some goods on the bottom of those lists.
For example, coffee machines like here http://jonsguide.org/best-keurig-coffee-maker-reviews/ or even Top 10 baby powders http://foryoulesson.com/top-10-best-baby-powder/ (I was really confused to see this list )

What if I start posting my own "Top 10" articles on my website about different types of textile for hot summer with links on my shop? Would you buy from me if I would give you this kind of information?
I will appreciate any opinion!
I didn't leave a link to my web-site so you couldn't call it advertisment, but if you are interested - I will post it