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Thread: Why to Choose Magento for eCommerce Web Store?

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    Why to Choose Magento for eCommerce Web Store?

    Magento eCommerce has attained a lot of popularity in the market with its loads of features. It allows developing a high standard online shopping cart website with its different types of modules and extensions.

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    There are many reasons behind choosing Magento as a web development technology for eCommerce stores. You can find lot of incredible features of Magento over others. The top most reasons that make it popular are an Open source, Specially designed and built for eCommerce Stores, SEO friendliness, and better community support.

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    Hello! Magento is an open system and is very easy to use. Also, I like to use web building services for my eBusiness projects like this http://www.*********.com or Using them I can easily create any project. In addition, you can use WordPress platform. Good luck!

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    As I feel that Magento is one of the most trusted Ecommerce software and platform by the world leading brands. If your online eCommerce store is the core of your business then would strongly recommend to go with Magento eCommerce.

    Magento is similar to WordPress which includes all of the SEO features built right in it, and you can expand on your search engine optimization with your own customization.

    I would also strongly recommend to consult with EcommerceMix Team to get the help for starting an online store by their Ecommerce marketplace scripts.

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    Honestly, I prefer using Wordpress platform to Magento for my eCommerce websites. I like it because it has a lot of great premium wordpress themes. Also, there are some nice hosting solutions for it which makes Wordpress the best platform

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    Magento is open source means it is completely free to install, modify and use. Magento is Specifically created for e-Commerce and therefore has all the features and specs necessary to create an amazing online store. When you expand your business, it is flexible enough to adapt to any changes. That's why we use Magento for eCommerce Web Store

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    Magento is simply incredible for Ecommerce, especially if youíve have a large catalog. Iíve personally used Opencart, Shopify(a bit) and WooCommerce too, but I really feel Magento is the best. Besides the usual reasons like - highly customizable, huge community, great support, open source, free etc etc, Let me give you a couple of examples from a store ownerís perspective.

    Adding products to categories
    Even without a CSV, you can simply drag and drop products to respective categories in Magento, something most of us are instinctively familiar with.

    Permanently redirected URLs
    If you need to change a productís URL (due to some unforeseen reason), Magento provides you the option to do this automatically. If youíve some knowledge of SEO, you know itís a huge win.

    Insightful dashboard
    Although I use Google Analytics for a detailed analysis, but Magentoís default dashboard is pretty decent too. I find the entire navigation self explanatory.

    Shopify is good but comes with inability to customize a lot of things. You canít even edit the robots.txt file which I wished was allowed.

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    Magneto is the most flexible & rich content management system used by all leading online players to sell their extension range of products. undoubtedly, it's the most competitive Ecommerce platform with sophisticated features, technology & dynamic architecture.
    1. Flexible Enough to Meet Your Business Needs.
    2. Advanced SEO Capabilities
    3. Easy to Customization
    4. Amazing Reach to Mobile Customers
    5. Tools to Attract & Maintain Customer base
    6. Advantage of Up sells & Cross sells
    7. Versatile Content Management System

    2. Versatile Content Management System
    3. Advanced SEO Capabilities
    4. Tools to Attract and Maintain Customer Base:
    5. Massive Community Support
    6. Amazing Reach to Mobile Customers:
    7. Customization
    8. Advantage of Up-sells and Cross-sells
    9. Secure and Reliable Payment Mode

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    One of the reasons for using Magento is that it is easy to use. Also it is open source.

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    Magento is an e-commerce platform that has been around for ages. Although used by a large majority of big e-commerce websites, Magento is a platform I would advice most companies against. There are many reasons for this, but difficulty to customize would be my number one. The platform is like a giant complex dinosaur that just won’t quit. Yes, it has plenty of features and then some, but the user interface is not friendly at all. It is a classic example of a product designed by engineers and developers who do not really understand what makes a user interface great.

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