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This may be a common question. But I am still unclear with that. How can we promote a e commerce website effectively. I think we must use some different promoting techniques for it. If somebody knows please share it.
Hi Robatkins,
Promoting your business is a tough task, so I am sharing my take on your question. Though my answer has been posted on this forum before, I'll be resharing it as you have the same problem with another eCommerce business owner.

To help you grow your eCommerce business, here are many viable ways for your business to be able to drive organic traffic to your website:
1. Write and upload blogs
Concentrate on writing blogs that are related to your products because most consumers nowadays would want to know the features of what ecommerce stores sell before they make the final buying decision. Blogs that have valuable content is also a good way to show your passion and expertise as a businesswoman; thus, more consumers would trust you. Eventually, when you build their trust, you will have loyal consumers who may recommend you to their friends and family.

2. Invest in video marketing
With today’s digital world, videos have proven to create higher engagement which convert into sales. The shortening of attention span will make videos to continue to dominate the marketing world in the years to come.

Here are some of the types of videos you can integrate with your marketing plan:
a. Live Video Streaming - the broadcasting of unedited live video footage over social media platforms.
b. Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) - share your success stories, funny encounters or the unboxing of your products
c. Interview - when you have satisfied consumers, you can set up an interview to those who are willing.
d. Educational - share practical pieces of advice or how-tos
e. Exciting Sales Promotion - consumers LOVE special offers and discounts. Through video marketing, you can announce your upcoming sales promotion with the details.

3. Share the blogs and videos on social media platforms
If you’re still starting out, it is alright not to create accounts for all social media platforms. Choose 1 or 2 platforms where you think most of your target audience is active. Then start sharing all the blogs to your social sites. You’ll notice the increase in your following as long as you give what your consumers want.

Tip: This is not a secret, but many people wait for a few minutes or even days before they do it.

Make sure to always check when consumers message you or interact with you through your social sites as it is important to engage with them. When they comment on your post, respond. Try to be as responsive as possible every day.