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Thread: Any suggestions for starting my blog?

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    Any suggestions for starting my blog?

    Because of staying in quarantine, I decided to pursue my dream of having a blog. I never had time before, to really immerse myself in this idea, but now I do have some additional time, which I think could be used more wisely. I like to travel a lot, so I was thinking that my blog should be about my experiences and suggestions for other fellow travelers. I know this is not the best time to start blogging about traveling since we probably won’t be doing it soon, but I could start preparing articles and contacting some potential affiliates. These are the angles and programs I believe could be beneficial: finding hotels (, flights and car rentals (*************s), security on trip (, traveling tips (

    Any feedback I could get on my idea? Also, any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    You need to know so many things before starting a blog those are:-
    1. Use Understable and impressive Title and Subtitle
    2. Understand your audience.
    3. Love your existing readers.
    4. Focus on building an amazing call-to-action.
    5. Be consistent.
    6. Give away your knowledge.
    7. Write Unique Content

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    Good on you for trying to make quarantine time productive! Just go ahead, learn as you go and update us on your progress!

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    Probably you have read many blogs on how to blog before starting this and you might be clear with all the aspects of effective blogging. So, there is not much to say. However, I would like to say one thing that make sure you create user intent content. That is very much necessary

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