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Thread: Feedback Appreciated

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    Feedback Appreciated

    Let us know what you think, we would appreciate all feedback.

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    Mike1986, my first impression of the home is that it looks good on my desktop--it looks professional.

    The rest of the site matches--it's fairly clear and it's easy to read. You might want to make it more clear what section of the site I am in. When I look at it's not clear that I am in the "Platform" section of the site.

    Other than that, I think it looks good.

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    Hi There

    I think your site looks fantastic. It's very professional looking. You must be proud!

    The only issue I have is that it's not immediately clear what you do. That may be a problem or it may just be me. I would take a look at your analytics to see if your bounce rate is high. If so, you might want to test to see if tweak the content a bit (or adding a line to the header) stating what you do, handles it. If it does improve things, then it's something you should fix. If not, it's just me.

    Good luck!
    Warm Regards,


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