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Thread: Why we are happy on Friday?

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    When I hear the word "Friday" I think about the weekend, free time, and the possibility to relax, sleep enough, etc. Also, my family has a tradition to do a movie night at home on Fridays. Usually, I check movies review sites and choose a good film beforehand. in my opinion, this is a good way to spend time together. So, of course, I look forward to Fridays
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    You have a great tradition, Jim222! Watching a good film together can really make you closer. Also, this is a good tradition that your children will remember when they get older. Like you, I also enjoy watching movies on weekends, mostly alone, but sometimes my friends join me. I installed several Kodi builds on my FireTV, so I have a big library of films and tv shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrishivardhan View Post
    When working days are Monday to Saturday, why we feel more happier on Friday? and Why we feel some sadness on Monday? Why we don't like Monday?
    Haha. I feel you. Friday it is close to the rest day but on Monday work again.

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    The weekend is coming haha. It's time to take a break.

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