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Thread: Inventory management software for a music festival

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    Inventory management software for a music festival

    Hi there,
    I am one of the directors for a growing music festival, and we've reached a point where we need to start managing our inventory. What I need is a solution that can
    * enter all existing inventory and categorize it into groups or tags (tools, materials, lighting, main stage etc)
    * have a sign in and sign out option (current owner)
    * provide alarms when running low on certain stock
    * have the facility to manage sales in the future when we open our festival workshop (which will also be available to the general public in the future)
    * be lightweight and easy to use by non-experts
    * have the facility for code scanning
    * be cloud based, so inventory can be checked on site by multiple devices
    * be able to be used on mobile devices (iphone/android).

    I've looked around and can't find anything that fits. Most inventory management software I've looked at suits bricks and mortar business, shops or large business. I guess what we need is something similar to workshop inventory management. Most important is sign in and sign out tracking.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    As you had been asking for your music festival company.Requirements are Inventory management and Time tracking tools.
    Have you tried using any software, if it doesn't fit haven't you asked any help from any software company to modify the changes as per your needs.
    If not try it.

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    Hi maliusamximus,

    could you find something suitable for your needs? Which softwares have you considered?

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    I have one suggestion for your requirements and that is Orderhive Inventory Management Software. you should try their free trial for 15 days to test the software and check if the software meets your requirements or not.

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    There are plenty of inventory software available you need to pick the right one for your business requirement ..

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    There are many inventory software management available. Inventory software organizes the inventory data and makes it easier to track supplies, orders and deliveries.

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    I tried various software 6 years ago, but it is about 5 years that I have been using Rental Tracker Pro. I am almost sure that RTPro SL will cover all the items that you have mentioned in your post and much more.

    You can visit RTPro website and learn more about it:

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