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Thread: Beware the eCommerce Ides of March! (Free Ebook)

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    Beware the eCommerce Ides of March! (Free Ebook)

    Hey there, SBC forum! Here at Solid Commerce, we thought it'd be a great idea to make an ebook just for you.

    Yes! You!

    We realized that a lot of online sellers have a tough time navigating some of the more tricky parts of eCommerce. So we came up with a few ways to avoid getting yourself "stabbed in the back," so to speak.

    It's a free download, so do enjoy! Let me know what you think so we can make the next ebook even better.
    Sean B.

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    Well sounds like an amazing idea. You guys have done a good job and surely an appreciable activity if we see how majority of the people are working for them this is the way how it has to be for a lot.

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    Thanks a lot!

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