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    E Commerce companies that big and having a lots of sales per day always faces issues from their customers. It is better to find a customer service company that can provide support at a low cost. Also quality of customer service is important. I am working as a customer service professional with my center. I am looking to serve some e commerce businesses.

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    That question about customer service is very important. Actually everybody works something in order to make selling to customers and earn money. If you do not have customers, your business doesn't worth, because you will not be able to earn money. Therefore, the main goal should be to pay attention on customers. Question is not only how to get new clients/customers, but how to keep them and motivate them to come to you back. That's definitely not easy task, but with good customer service, results could be very good.

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    providing proper customer service is very important, because without it you cant grow you business and get customer trust. and when it comes to online business than it is must required.

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    Costumer service in my opinion is the most important thing when it comes to company representation. It has to be good in all the ways especially the costumer satisfaction rate. If they hire people for representing them in this manner that would be something truly helpful for them because its their need and it always comes around us helpfully.

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