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Thread: E-Commerce 101 Inventory Organization Infographic

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    E-Commerce 101 Inventory Organization Infographic

    Hey everyone!

    Looking to provide some insight and help for eCommerce's having difficulty organizing and utilizing their inventory. Here's a handy eCommerce 101 infographic to help break down your products and utilize the stock that's become slow, or completely inactive:

    If anyone has any questions in general about their eCommerce, or if you're looking for advice feel free to PM or email me.

    Hope this can help!


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    Need Inventory system.

    I am currently looking for a CRM or Inventory management. I have sales from eBay, Bigcommerce, and other site. The most important feature i need is Bill of Material / Bundle. Please see example below. Please let me know if your system is capable of doing that. I am not an expert, so I can't do very complicated configuration.

    Thank You

    If I have 3 items (SKU)

    ITEM-RED - 10 QTY
    ITEM-BLUE - 10 QTY
    First CASE:

    If I have a combo item.
    ITEM-MIX2 (Include 2x ITEM-RED, 1x ITEM-WHITE)

    When a customer order ITEM-MIX2 ( I want the system able to deduct the inventory from ITEM-RED and ITEM-WHITE).
    So now the Inventory should be:
    ITEM-RED - 8 QTY
    ITEM-BLUE - 10 QTY

    Second CASE:

    I have a single item with 3 different SKU.

    ITEM-WHITE (Main item) - 10 QTY

    If a customer ordered ( 3x ITEM-WT). And another customer order (4x ITEM-WH).
    I need to deduct the inventory from ITEM-WHITE. Instead of ITEM-WT and ITEM-WH.

    So the ending inventory for ITEM-WHITE is 3 QTY

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    Hey aphotoable,

    Thanks for posting on this thread and we hope our Inventory Infographic could be of some help. We're big advocates of utilizing kits & bundles so you've come to the right place. Not only does our software fully support kits & bundles, but we incorporate master SKUs into our system to give you full functionality and ease of use when creating these bundles in your system. You can do this with any variety of items in just a few simple clicks. And Skubana fully tracks your bundles across all of your sales-channels no matter how you fulfill. (FBA, In-House, 3PL, Dropship)

    Our software is incredibly intuitive and can easily track any variety of kits and bundles you may create keeping you fully up-to-date on your stock levels across numerous channels completely avoiding under/over selling. A big plus with our software is that it gives you the truest form of 'real-time' inventory synchronization across all of your channels so you'll have up-to-date numbers in front of you.

    Another cool aspect of Skubana is when you're printing out your pick lists and packing slips you have full customization between the two. For instance you can have them organized by SKU numbers making it easier when assembling bundles for shipping.

    Feel free to PM us, or email us at We'd love to further discuss your business and provide any help we can in making your e-commerce life easier. We're a e-commerce software company that's owned and operated by e-commerce sellers so we have a lot of insights that could be of help.

    Thanks for your reply and we look forward to hearing from you.


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