I am looking for someone with expirience related to e-commerce.
Someone with a very good understanding of online payment systems.
I explain better what is the problem:

I am developing a really big and complex platform with a lot of services. Services like:
Social Network, Shopping, Soundcloud,Blogs,Petitions,Job finder,Crowdfunding, Gameforge, Mobile Apps, ONG's, WCG, and a lot of other features.
Naturaly, i cant discribe much details about it, however Beta is already being preperad for the next 2, 3 mouths.

The intention of this post, is to find someone

I am developing a really big and complex platform, that, among of all features, it contains various stores, donation portals from various ONG's, crowdfunding projects, and for any content creator of any type such as musicians or other artistic types.

My problem is related to financial matters.
The struture i designed to fit all this features simplified is:

Members from this platform in order to donate or buy, need to acquire virtual coins, this coins are sold by the platform.
Basically exchange money for virtual credits. Members now can spend their credits in whatever they want, such as buying or donating.
Now the other side, that is, the content creators geting their money.
The platform buys all the virtual coins, that the content creator gathered.
This is like a member spends 5 dollars in 5 virtual coins.
Member spend this 5 credits in buying a product from some store.
The store owner now has 5 credits generated by this costumer.
The store owner now can request the platform to "exchange" this credits for money.
The platform now buys his 5 credits, and the store owner gets 5 dollars.

Its simillar to a check in check out system.

My question here is to understand the requesites that need to be implemented.
In my view, by having a Merchant account from the platform and any content creator having one also. its done.

Unless i am missing something?
Note that i don't have any experience whatsoever related to financial world or how things work regarding this topic.

I am also looking for someone with expirience in this fields, to join our team, for advising proposes.
If anyone want to join us, contact me to this emal:

This is the next big thing guys ^^

Thank you in advance.
Not sure where to post this but.. i posted here.