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Thread: Review of current website.

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    Review of current website.

    I am currently re-vampping two websites, now the main task is to find out opions on the current look and feel of the site. the site is : many thanks.

    Zac Parrish.

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    I have lots of experience with webpage design and also marking. What my service will do is review your website as a user and give you a full report. I will tell you If your website is having issues,Not attractive to the client, User interface is not right,Speed of the website,Ease of Use, and much more. I am very experienced in this field. it's great to know that your customers are happy with the appearance and functionality of your website right? Well im here to tell you what it looks like from a users point of view so you can keep your vistors happy. You can order this gig for only $5! Or learn a little bit more about it in the link below.
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