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Thread: packaging optimization

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    packaging optimization

    Hello All,

    I need help with a shipping/optimization problem...

    Here is the problem.

    I have an e-commerce company that has 100k+ SKUs that they ship to consumers by selecting a shipping box from 5 different sizes. Like all e-commerce companies, consumers can pick any quantity and combination of items to have shipped to them. I want to optimize the shipping box sizes that I have by changing the dimensions and/or by adding different box sizes to reduce the amount of air and void fill in each shipment. How do I do that. Are there software packages or vendors out there that can do that?


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    I guess that exactly what I'm trying to find out. What is the best way for them to update me?

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    Hi there, thread!

    Solid Commerce might be able to help you out, actually. We're a fully-integrated eCommerce management platform, and I think you might dig some of our features.

    While we were built out to specialize in multi-channel inventory management, we've spent years creating a ton of features -- we can help you manage everything from your inventory to your shipping and order fulfillment process, and all from a single interface. In the cloud, no less, so you don't have to deal with painful software installs.

    We have some incredibly powerful shipping tools at our disposal, and we can help you set predetermined shipping rules so that you are sure the proper boxes are going out with your orders every single time you fulfill one.

    If you want a bit more information, you can check us out at, or you can shoot me a PM if you'd like a bit more info. Hope this helps!
    Sean B.

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