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Thread: We have Lead Generating Problem in Google Adwords?

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    Question We have Lead Generating Problem in Google Adwords?


    We have Lead Generating Problem in Google Adwords? Jan, Feb, Mar - 2014 months we spent 3000 per each month and Get 50 Leads. afterward we spent 10000 per each month like Aprl, May, Jun - 2014 expected 150 Leads per month, but we get only 50 leads. What's the problem for Getting More Leads in Aprl, May, Jun Month. Please Clear My Doubt?
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    i think its hard to give you exact idea about the problem you facing. you need ask that question to help center. and i would also recommend to hire PPC expert from company.

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    Optimize! It doesn't make sense for you to spend more money if your ad copy, quality score and bid amount doesn't tally.

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    First you should do on page and off page SEO for your website.
    Then do analysis of key words includes competitor keyword analysis.
    Focus on long tail key words.
    Set your max bid amount in Google AdWords
    Make your ad using SEO point of view long tail key words
    Also consider user's trend
    Continuous observe your ad for few days using different tools including Google AdWords
    If you think you need to change keyword or content then change it immediately

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