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Thread: Google+ for getting backlinks

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    Google+ for getting backlinks

    How can we get backlinks with Google+? For a website it is very important to get quality backlinks, is it possible to get quality backlinks from Google+? I was getting nofollow backlinks from Google+, share your suggestions here.

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    Google+ uses rel="nofollow" to external links.

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    Thanks for the helpful post.

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    Social media acts as a word of mouth. To get a quality backlinks with Google+ For a website, we have to be active on google plus on regular basis.we can in touch with google plus through the activities like posting content regularly, contacting new and current fans.

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    These social sites are always good for having traffic on you niche, you need to share the interesting facts on it and the user will start automatically sharing it.

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    Do this. Share all the interesting posts on your G+ profile. People in your circles might like and click on to read. That post would be having your company details and backlink.

    Two ways of getting dofollow backlinks from Google plus:

    Backlinks obtained from the “share what’s new” section on Google + are dofollow.
    Links obtained from the profile page of the user

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    Google plus is the good social media network for your business we can able gain our website traffic through google plus,if you are share those links in google plus it benefits for our page ranking.

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    Step 1 : Go to You Google Account (G mail) Lo gin your Account and go to Google+ Open your Google+ Account and Click on about option
    Step 2 : When you Click on About new bar will open Now Click on Story and Now Click on “Edit”Option
    Step 3 :Story Bar will open Now Fill up
    Tagline : write about Tagline
    Introduction :Tell about your Self and your Blog
    Bragging Rights and Click on Save
    Step 4 : when you write In Introduction you see Link Option under Introduction and insert you blog link you see in Picture and Click on Save
    Step 5 : You see Do follow back link in Google Plus is complete and we Create Back link Free and Easy .
    Good luck

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    Yes you can get one do-follow backlinks from Google plus profile Bio, just put your website in Google plus bio and it will gives you do-follow backlinks...

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    Google+ shares is give better results from other shares.

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    I want to create backlink for my website. SEO is my niche.

    Link Building has become the toughest part of SEO, as Google does not allow you to get backlinks manually.

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