Recently I have received an email with the following question: “My ecommerce site just went live, what’s next?”

First of all, my congratulations! If you went live that means that you have done a tremendous job. However, this is only the beginning.

So, where do you start?

9. Promote your core pages. The Beginning is the hardest time for online business. If you just run your online business, your customers are not aware of your existence, but they probably know about the products that you sell. So, during first period it is easier to promote particular products from your store than whole categories. Its easier to rank “Nike Flex Supreme Tr 2 Training & Gym Shoes” than just “Nike training shoes”

As more of particular products begin to show in the Google rankings, the SERPs, your Categories and subcategories will start to rise naturally.

10. Develop your coupons program and distribute them through appropriate websites. Cooperation with these sources will give you great relevant traffic, and what is even more important; it will bring you customers and money.
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