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Thread: Which open source cart has a printed manual that can be purchased ?

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    Which open source cart has a printed manual that can be purchased ?

    Zen Cart is the only cart I have noticed that has an actual printed manual that can be purchased. I would really like to have a printed manual to study and not rely solely on forum advice etc. Anyone know of another cart with a printed manual ? Thanks

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    Not sure if you've checked out Magento -- but here is what seems like a pretty comprehensive listing of user guides and resources.

    Hope this helps!
    Sean B.

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    Zen Cart is best cart, In fact I didn't hear about other cards ! So Zen Cart is best, Jus use it.

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    I have heard that Zencart itself is a good platform, we can have a look at something else if we have problems with your current opencart, but i think you can go with Zencart, it good to go.

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