So, I was listening to a conference call the other evening and I was listening to a guy who has earned $650,000 from blogging. He’s telling me what he does to earn that money. I’m thinking, wow, people gotta know about this. When you can’t do something or can’t achieve a goal, it’s because you didn’t learn what you needed to learn. How maddening is that! The info is out there but sometimes all it takes is someone to share with you. Well, I couldn’t help myself. Here it is!

It's been said by so called pro bloggers that most bloggers don't make much money and very few make enough money to quit their job.

There’s only one reason these people aren’t making a lot of money blogging. They’re doing it wrong!

You have to learn some key ingredients. The main thing is being connected with the right affiliate programs. Check it out, most affiliate programs pay very little commission. What if you got 100% commissions? Sweet! Sign me up right! Well, I’m not joking. If you really want to earn a lot from blogging, enough to quit your job and then some, you need to connect with high paying affiliate programs. Couple high commissions with real training from the experts who make millions and that's success brewing. Ya, it’s all pie in the sky right. Only if you don’t know the methods and how things work to make money blogging. It’s not rocket science!

Here’s the recipe. Learn what you need to learn and work hard.

Seriously, it only sounds too good to be true because you haven’t yet learned what you need to know.

Tell me your thoughts. What if you had a high commission affiliate program and lots of blog traffic?

-Mike Pollak