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Thread: Outsourcing online customer support Is it worth trying?

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    To decide if outsource customer service would add value for your company, there are some key considerations:
    Take a hard look at customer experience
    Audition a contact center's performance before signing on.
    Calculate real costs and savings
    Find ways to maintain the emotional quotient

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    Outsourcing is gaining momentum, I should agree. And if your business undergoes rapid growth or you strive to decrease the costs, then outsourcing is definitely worth trying. However, don't chase cheap, but low-quality work, otherwise, the saved costs will be spent on making the work done again. To choose an ideal company/country for customer support outsourcing, ensure it provides quality work(address their customers for a feedback) and check outsourcing rates. Thisarticle may help you.

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    Thanks! I always thought there are more advantages of outsourcing than disadvantages. The most significant cons are:
    1. You Don’t Have To Hire More Employees
    2. You Have Access To A Larger Talent Pool
    3. Lower Labor Cost

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    Outsourcing is not a blessing that will solve all your problems. And I can't say it fits any business. You cannot rely on your vendor to the full, you need to check and control anyways.
    On the other hand, outsourcing has its advantages. For example, it helps to reduce cost significantly. Also, entrepreneurs can decrease workload on their core team by augmenting it with offshore customer support managers.
    You never know what will work for your company in particular until you try because what is convenient to your competitor can appear absolutely useless for you.

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    I totally agree with you. In my view, Outsourcing job is okay, but something as sensitive as customer service should be regarded by enormous businesses and corporations much more closely than it.

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    Choosing to outsource an area of your business means you're hiring a third party to handle it on your behalf. While this article focuses on outsourcing customer service, almost any part of a company can be outsourced, including graphic design, billing, collections, or data entry...

    All this means hiring fewer U.S. employees and paying as close as they can to the minimum wage to keep products at a reasonable price so consumers will still buy. ... Outsourcing keeps U.S. businesses profitable through lower production costs, which benefit consumers, and leads to increases in revenue for the U.S. economy.

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    Outsourcing can really save your money. There are many professionals in Eastern Europe who are more experienced than even US specialists.

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    Hello. Of course yes! Everything related to outsourcing is worth trying, because this area is very developing at the moment. Ukraine is a vivid example of this. Now most of the programmers and developers from this country work for outsourcing, as it is very profitable and convenient.

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