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Thread: Effective Blogging - Don't Be Like Forest Gump

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    Effective Blogging - Don't Be Like Forest Gump

    Do you remember in the movie Forest Gump when Forest decided to just start running. Ya it was crazy, huh! He ran and ran for a really long distance and then just decided to stop. Total waste of time, right! I think sometimes I do things like that. I just start going with out really determining what I want to accomplish first. Can you think of a time you did that? Not fun, huh. So, to make sure that doesn't happen again I'm sharing this simple insight into effective blogging.

    I don't agree with Forest Gump's idea to just run with no real reason behind it. So, you need to know the end before you start at the beginning.

    Goal In Mind - End Result

    • Determine what you want the blog post to do.
    - Make a sale - to drive visitor straight to buying something useful.
    - Generate a lead - when a visitor leaves their email to be notified on your updates or opts in to receive a free gift.
    - Connect people to one of your social network pages (Facebook, Pinterest...) - this is long term brand building.
    • Example call to action- “If you found value in this click here to get exclusive tips emailed directly to you.”

    My take on this is that you keep it simple. Guide your reader to the one thing you want them to do. Don't get all fancy on 'em and distract them with too many options. If visitors to your blog can visually go through your blog quickly you are more likely to get what you want...leads, of course!

    Now its your turn! Take this and run with it! (Ha, Ha!) I know you'll do great!
    So, comment and tell me how you determine your end result for your blog posts or just tell me what you think. Thanks!

    -Mike Pollak

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    right, statement of purpose is very important

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