Just decided to share my thoughts with you

Client – he is the main player in the game which calls Ecommerce. Everything what we do – we do for him, every action taken in ecommerce is aimed on satisfaction and conviction, that exactly your offer is the best and fits to the customer fully. In fact, most of advertising campaigns are based on the unique selling proposition.

And the main purpose of these campaigns is to convey uniqueness and utility of your proposition to clients. So USP (unique selling proposition) is a unique offer that associated with your business and helps you to sell. Simply to say this is the answer on the customers question “why should I buy from this store?”. A lot of people are getting confused with slogan and USP. So as we know, slogan is a phrase intended to represent brand. So what is the main difference between slogan and unique selling proposition?

Slogan does not sell – it attracts attention and unique selling proposition sells.

Why is it so necessary to create outstanding USP?

First reason is more freedom in your price policy. Clients who are under impression of the USP are more loyal to the prices in the store.
Second reason. Unique selling proposition helps to create more effective advertising strategy based on this proposition.
Third reason. USP helps to increase conversion rate in Ecommerce because of associative memory of your clients. They will remember their experience in your store and more likely that they will come back again.
Few requirements for successful unique selling proposition:

In psychical aspect it is very important to make your selling proposition memorable and surprising sometimes even shocking. That will help you to uprise recognition of your brand and, as I have already said, can positively influence on conversion rate through the associative memory.
Sources for unique selling proposition.

I know that it is rather hard to find anything unique when you have dozens of competitors with similar goods and same prices on the market. So if you can’t be outstanding, you have to be creative.

Unique service. To beat your competitors you can provide some additional services to your product. That can be packing, additional insurance, delivery guarantees, better refund options e.t.c.

Unique product. Create your own unique product, or assure your customers that it is unique. For example, tell people that your store works directly with manufacturer or tell some secrets of ingredients or materials which are used in your products.

Old and reliable trick with quantitative and qualitative indicators: lowest prices, biggest discounts, more than … branches all over …, fastest delivery, best employees e.t.c.

Focusing on some distinguishing features, that can be not even connected directly with services that you provide, or products that you sell. Recently, I’ve seen proposition of delivery service company – “Only kind and cheerful drivers work in our company”

However there is also a false selling propositions exists. You probably aware about them. As an example we can take the most of advertising of the cosmetics. All these anti-wrinkle creams that have this new ingredient from the sea, jungles, Australian mud or from any other places that “seriously works now”, or these tea leaves which were collected by soft hands of local citizens somewhere in Ceylon or Sri Lanka and delivered to our houses very carefully in some special packs and due to this they are much better than the rest of the harvest.

So, what do we have to remember about unique selling proposition?

Client cares much more about his personal benefits buying from you, than about your positions on the market.
Slogan and USP are very close meanings, nevertheless it is not the same.
USP can be one of the most reliable and helpful elements of your marketing strategy.