Hi all, long time lurker here... Most times I can find the answer, but the times are a changin'

As the title states.. BitCoin and LiteCoin payment processors - the ones that convert bitcoin/litecoin into USD or whatever currency and deposit it in my bank account.

After reading the news about Overstock accepting bitcoin payments and earning over 100k USD revenue in a day through bitcoin, along with Zynga accepting it and other companies, I think having more paypal alternatives can only result in more potential sales. Not everyone has paypal, nor do people like it too much... like me.

So far I have only found gocoin.com and bitpay.com to accept Bitcoin payments... The difference between the two being that Gocoin also accepts Litecoin payments on top of Bitcoin.

Does anyone have any experience accepting bitcoin or using Gocoin or Bitpay as payment processors? How well do they work out for you?

Thanks for any responses and help!