We've been a little lax on enforcing rules around signatures on this forum. At this time, rather than removing signatures all together, we are going to start enforcing a few guidelines.

Specifically, advertising without going through the site owners is prohibited on this form. As such, signatures with links such as "Get this xyz service" or other such marketing information is a direct violation of the acceptable usage policy and is inappropriate.

Signatures should be about you or offer valuable (not sales/marketing) information. We allow a link to a personal site, your business site, or your blog provided it is directly associated to you. Affiliate links to hosting or other sites do not generally describe you, so are not appropriate in a signature.

Other elements within a signature beyond that link just mentioned should describe or be about you. We'll also allow some referential links (not sales/marketing links).

To summarize - if your point in posting is to be able to place a signature with links to lots of hosting services or other sales items, then you might be disappointed when your signature gets removed.

As a related side note - for those of you trying to post links for SEO backlinking, there is no point. Your links are marked as nofollow, so you gain nothing positive from the search engines.

Thanks for understanding. Our hope is that by enforcing these signature rules, we'll improve the quality of posts and responses on the forum.

Site Staff