Hey everybody My name is Robert and I am new to the forum.

I am also new to having an ecommerce website. I already have a website up and its making sales but I am rethinking using Woocommerce as my wordpress plugin.

My problem is this, I have a few different product vendors that will do the shipping for me which is great. The only problem is that they all have different shipping rates. Woocommerce has been a pain to figure out a way to only show the correct shipping rates per item.

What wordpress plugin would you suggest that has the following features.

1. Able to show different shipping rates per item.

2. have capability to do unique shipping rates. for example $5 shipping for up to 3 items when you buy 4-6 items it goes to $10 7-9 is $15 and so on.

It would need to be a wordpress plugin as I am adding this to an existing website and dont want to revamp everything. I do sell both Digital and physical good but I don't think that would really be a problem.

Thanks for your help!