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Thread: Just starting out with Ebay Business

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    Cool Just starting out with Ebay Business

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and internet retail all together. From the little bit of research that I have done, I already feel overwhelmed! But not at all discouraged. My goal is to sell on Ebay with a dropshipping site. I've been looking into World Wide Brands and have been reading up on the do's and don'ts if I choose to pay the $300 dollar life time membership. I also have filed for a state sales and use tax license and received my EIN number for it. A broad example of what kinds of things I would enjoy selling are anything music related, mostly pertaining to instruments, and computer parts, but I am ready to be surprised and change my motives accordingly if I have to.

    As a complete newbie to this field of work I ask anyone with more experience than me for any tips or suggestions on how to get started, what to plan for, or really anything in general. All information is welcomed!


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    I like to buy something on is so safe to buying!

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    You are going in a right way.

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    Your business could really help a lot to those who are in banking industry. Anyway thanks for the information.

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