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Thread: Need to Migrate away from Ebay

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    Need to Migrate away from Ebay

    I have a successful auto parts business on ebay, and I would like to create my own site so I can start migrating away from ebay and their fees. I ship worldwide, so ebay's entire listing interface is extremely necessary for me, which is why I don't know where to start for designing my own site. I need a site that can give accurate worldwide shippong estimates to buyers so that they can purchase items right away- I've learned that this is a big part of why I sell worldwide; people don't want to wait for me to receive an email order, especially if they don't speak English- they just want to pay and be done with it. Does anyone know what service I can use to design a site that incorporates these necessary ebay features?

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    You might want to join our sister site here:

    And post in the Available Positions section.

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    When you're ready to move to other marketplaces and sync your inventory between eBay and your own webstore, you might want to check out Solid Commerce to help you keep things automated and streamlined:

    Hope that helps! You're more than welcome to PM for more info or to talk about your selling operation a bit further.

    _ Sean

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