Thanks to Helen Bradley for her step-by-step article published on 6th June 2008. I'm completely new to Dashboards and this article has helped me understand them a bit better.

I have a couple of minor pickups that stumped along the way:

On page 1, when I typed the expression =OFFSET($B$3,CHOOSE($H$1,0,1,2),0) into Excel 2007, there was an error message. Replacing the commas with semi-colons fixed it.

Also on page 1, just below the above formula, there's a paragraph on generating formulae in the table H3 to K6. Following the instructions gives the same data across the four columns but, if one of the $ symbols is removed from the first OFFSET parameter in each row of the H column (B$3, B$10, B$17 & B$24) then the correct data is extracted when these formulae are copied through to the K column.

Hope that's clear.