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Thread: I need UK Business Database

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    Smile I need UK Business Database

    I have a small business in UK there four I need UK business database for promoting my services in UK.
    Please suggest me good database provider name its would be really helpful for me.

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    I would like to know, What type of your business, and why you need business Database.

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    Please visit google. because google is the best solution for you.

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    Hello Kevin.

    Right, looking for a database of potential clients is pretty simple in some ways.
    The method I would use is to search for forums dedicated to niche your operating in and start to network with people and offer solutions for problems and build your own list using AWeber as your broadcasting software.

    Trying to find a way to "buy" a database will cost you some money and there is no guarantee they are active people or not already spammed to the eye balls with offers.

    In short if your going to market online your best building your own list of people from scratch using good solid internet marketing strategies. My advice is research how to get started with internet marketing and learn the skill-sets required to gather leads. Simply buying a list might seem easy but knowing what to do with it and building a good relationship with people is where it gets tricky.

    You could go down the route of sending out solo ads (basically finding someone with an active list of subscribers in your niche market, approaching them and asking to send an advert to that list, be warned though for a good quality one it WILL cost you a fair amount, it does give good results though) Theres a link to my internet marketing boot-camp below that might offer you some help.

    Good l

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