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    May 2017
    I am to interested in app for invoice

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    All these things are old now, in curret scenario there are lots of new things in market. If you are satisfied with current one then its ok and if you want to try inventory with your invoicing software then market is full of them.

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    Hi to all,
    If you are looking for an invoicing system economic and functional I urge you to try FusionInvoice.
    We're using it for a few months and we are very satisfied.
    Besides being written in PHP it is easy to install and customize.

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    I am using MYOB Accounting Software invoice. Creates nice invoices easy to put in hours and price etc.

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    Touchless Invoice Processing or Zoho Invoice, both really good options!

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    Yes, i know and currently i am using that invoicing software. It is known as Merrchant accounting program. This software is totally online based and the best part of this software is that it is completely free. It suits me because of its cloud feature, i can access all my data anywhere anytime. And cherry on the top - if you are running a business in India, this accounting software is a GST ready one.
    Best luck!

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