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Thread: How to deliver digital products?

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    Red face How to deliver digital products?

    First, hello to erveryone. I'm new here.
    My question is : I want to create a website to sell some digital products(apps, ebooks, etc.) I'm curious that how to contract the developer or artist to get their works? If the developers or artists authorize me to sell their works, how they delivery it to me? I know those questions are so childish. Please don't laugh at me. and my english is not so good. maybe don't express that clearly. sorry for that. Hope get your friends give me some clue. Thank you all.

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    Hello alechsueh,

    I can advise you to use CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for building the site because it meets all your requirements. It will allow your developers to download and manage their products through individual administration panel.
    As for contract with developers you can create the agreement which should be accepted by a them during the registration.
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    There are two options for you
    1.Hire someone to design and develop your own site
    2.Buy a eCommerce web template, with integrated anything on a installation package, all you have to do is plug and play.
    If your choice is the 2nd option, I think Joomlart will be the best choice for you

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    i just got the trial of smp and i am a baffled as to how i automatically deliver a digital product after payment has been recieved. can anyone help me please?
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