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Thread: Advice on ecommerce platforms

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    Advice on ecommerce platforms

    Hello all. Just doing my research before porting an ecommerce site from woocommerce (ugh!) to something a little more powerful and flexible.

    Right now I'm leaning toward OpenCart but here's my "needs" list.

    - set different, discreet price levels (not just discount levels) per shopper group
    - flexible taxation based on Canadian provinces (can do it via postal code first letters if necessary)
    - sell gift certificates (sent to receiver via email) in different denominations
    - export customers and orders (including a shipping breakdown with taxes) into QuickBooks
    - shipping/plugin API so I can purchase or create my own Canada Post shipping calculator
    - decent support community

    ...and my wish list...

    - simple PHP templates (not Smarty or some other system)
    - solid and complete template overrides system
    - "events" system so there's never a need to update core files and go through upgrade nightmares if I want to modify behaviours on-the-fly
    - open source would be nice!
    - some way of incorporating blog posts, twitter feeds, etc. without having to hack at the core

    I'm a developer so I'm not worried about any learning curve. Ideally the cart would either have a kickass ui for the the administration or allow for templating of the backend so I can make it kickass.

    This is a small business, so start up costs need to be kept reasonable. Therefore, no monthly fee ecommerce systems are in the running.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.


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    CS-Cart meets most of your needs and wishes, so give it a try!

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    CS-Cart meets most of your needs and wishes, so give it a try!

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    OpenCart is a good option but I would personally suggest you to check out PrestaShop and Magento.

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    I can recommend you to use CS-Cart Professional edition. It corresponds all your needs and has no monthly fee.

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    I too agree with you & magento ecommerce platform is best.

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