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Thread: Which data keeping service is better

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    For anyone else who is unsure about which type of data backup is best for their business, I found this infographic which was really helpful for me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
    Those types of services can be sufficient. However, I would recommend an on-premise backup and use the online services as a backup for the backup. If your backup is online only, file recovery can occur only if you have an internet connection. If you have an internet connection during recovery, a large amount of data can take a long time to download as compared to disk-to-disk recovery with an on-premise solution
    This is really good services.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by leonella769 View Post
    Is the websites like dropbox or mediafire etc. safe to keep backup of my data.
    Most of the time I use Google drive space and dropbox. Sometime mediafire. But I want to advice you not to upload very personal images and confidential information there. Use you own pc storage. You may use another HDD.

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    Window Live SkyDrive and Dropbox

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    There are plenty of cloud storage services but among all, I would suggest Dropbox and Google Drive.

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    Dropbox has always been my fav.

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