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    E-mail marketing, RSS, voice broad cast etc ... are are also important features of digital marketing we cant ignore them, email marketing have features like they are able to automatically pull your blog posts into your email account in seconds by clicking the RSS button, adding your blog's URL, and selecting the post you want to share.in email you can Schedule welcome emails or commonly sent messages with an Email Autoresponder. RSS feeds provide feature of providing newly added information on the particular side or blog space..there's much more things to do we should broaden our view and find services.

    well thanks for adding information in thread..
    So many people want to rank high on google witout realising that most website infact only 5 % make it to the top for some time , we are shifting to two catagories thoose that are paying to get i the results adwords , and thse that use other moethods such as email marketing. Most big companies have forsaking trying to rank first. The cost in time and investment is not worth the results it yields , when you can spend a fifth of that and get a better return or conversion rate on your website. Once your brand takes a life of its own google will become less and less important.

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    Recently I found quite an interesting tool to boost Instagram conversion. Here's it https://zen-promo.com/instagram_analytic. Followers, analytics, likes, all the needed stuff.

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    Digital Marketing is a Marketing digital this is the best way to market you products likes different products different software like cloud based, accounting and many more.

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    Thank you for sharing trends with us.

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    Digital marketing is a type of marketing which makes use of digital channels to reach consumers and stakeholders. The objectives of digital marketing is lead generation and building online reputation. It includes SEO, SEM, SMM, E-mail marketing,etc.

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