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Thread: What is a good all purpose small business software?

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    Don't forget the convenience of using cloud-based inventory software. Here is a nice plug-in app for Quick-books.

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    Appropriate software can make a huge difference to your business. Software must be uniquely designed for your business. For my business I was seeking software that could streamline the IT services. I am using VizDesk from Introviz, a small business strategy consulting firm to reduce the workload of my in house IT team. Its very user friendly and best part is that its connected with could. So there no chance of data lose and synchronize everything very easily. VoIP, email, data backup, everything was in place. There were daily business needs too which VizApps which is an mobile application is doing the best job for my employees are who are not on system at the moment. This app is always connected, works best for remote working and reporting as well. This surely helping me run my business smoothly. You can try it.

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    I would strongly recommend QuickBooks as an all-purpose small business software.
    This software provides all the benefits that you want along with some more interesting and helpful features:

    Inventory Tracking
    Purchase Order Tracking
    Currency Calculator
    Shipping Manager
    Calculate & rebill job cost
    Calculates Customer Discounts
    Accustomed UI
    Efficient Support
    Also, as per your requirement, QuickBooks desktop version does not need any monthly payment hassle, as you just have to purchase it once in a lifetime. You can also upgrade the software easily by adding new features.
    There is a better option you can opt for i.e. QuickBooks Hosting. Hosting QuickBooks desktop version on the cloud is what called QuickBooks hosting.
    You can enjoy the features of QuickBooks desktop along with cloud benefits at minimal cost. It provides following benefits:

    Anywhere, Anytime Access
    Bulk printing of invoices and emails Online
    No more troubleshooting of IT Issues
    Real-time inventory tracking
    Easy Add-on Integration
    Multiuser Collaboration

    Hope this helped!

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