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Thread: Which one of these automated check mailing service should I choose?

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    Which one of these automated check mailing service should I choose?

    I need a service offering automated check printing and mailing service. The whole process would need to be automated (without me having to input all the details in each checks manually, all I am willing to do is provide a list with all the recipients and the amounts to be sent) and require nothing at all from the recipients (no sign-ups or personal details like a bank account number).

    Here are the websites I retained during my search.

    First one is http://batchex.com

    Second one is https://webmasterchecks.com

    Third one is http://checkwritingcompany.com/

    Please advise me on which one I should use, which one looks the most professional and trustworthy.

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    The second and third are the same company just different names... Do you work for any of these companies?

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    I'd go with the first option solely because I've heard good reviews.

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