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    Please Review the First Career Tagging Site

    CareerTagged solves the problem I had in High School and College....connecting with people that are most qualified to answer SPECIFIC education and career related questions.

    CareerTagged is a FREE service for high school students,college students and professionals seeking a personal one-on-one answer and advice about College Majors, Internships and Career Direction/Job Opportunities from another
    college student and/or professional.

    Website: www.CareerTagged.com

    Thank you!

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    Food for thought...Consider switching to a Forum format.

    Your site mentions sending questions to up to five people to get answers.... In theory, the first person that replies could have the perfect answer and the other four people would basically be wasting their time.

    Then there's the part where the person asking the question might not do a good job asking... I often see people asking questions on forums. I might not have a clue how to solve their problem but I'll often know enough that they need to provide more information.

    But, what's the average turn around time on your site from the time a person asks a question to getting an answer?

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    In my opinion you need to review your landing page. It took me a while to realize what you are trying to achieve. The question also is, how hard is it to get your question answered? How many steps does it involve, etc? I like the idea, but try to be a little more specific and clear.


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    I would suggest that you would add a forum to it for it to be more attractive for users and as well as engaging. Plus, forums do allow much traffic.

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    How will this get started when you have a number of users asking questions but not enough experienced professionals in every field to answer them?

    Also how will this compete with established platforms like http://www.quora.com/

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