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Thread: How to get traffic to my site

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    You should also focus on content marketing which is all time best technique in SEO and as we all are aware of that Google also gives first priority to quality content.

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    Social media networks
    Focused on ON\OFF page SEO activities
    Target long tail keywords
    Content marketing
    Relevant content

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    I'm a bit of a late convert to this perhaps, but I've achieved an improvement in my web traffic since using Facebook ads, as well as publishing content in the usual way. I'd really recommend it - it's well worth the small investment, as long as you target the ads thoughtfully.

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    relevant and do follow backlinks are the very beneficial for the website.

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    Social media Marketing is best way to promote your site online & drive quality traffic.

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    here are many platforms that generate traffic to your website and it depends on the type of industry that you are in.

    Major platforms that generate most of the traffic are:
    * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    * Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    * Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC)
    * Content Marketing
    * Email Marketing

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    Social Media Post

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    Social Media Optimization is best source for generate huge traffic for website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merryscanlan View Post
    Best way to get traffic to your site.

    Create content that people value.
    Get links to your content.
    Rank well in search engines.
    People find your valuable content and link to you.
    Rank even better in search engines.
    Create more valuable content .
    People find your new valuable content and link to you.
    Improve search engine and direct linking traffic.
    Create more valuable content.
    This is such a generic answer to his question. Lets say he is competing and doing all of these things and ends up ranking on the first page for a query. Lets say that for that same query there are bids from other websites for adwords , he isnt going to get any visitors unless he is at the very top and has a super title. Titles however are limited in organic seo because they play such a huge role in ranking you are almost forced to a generic title of your keyword. In advertising however not so much you can say almost what you want which makes for a more clickable snippet besides having the better position.

    In all honesty if you are not will ing to invest heavily on seo work or adwords i would not focus on google solely look for directories that specialise in what you are trying to sell. Look for things like gumtree. Go to social media groups. Go to forums where people complain about dental or medical care insurance. Thats what you need to be looking at for your website.

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    Did you pay attention to on-page SEO? Donít think that SEO is dead. Still Optimizing your content for search engines is a valuable and worthwhile practice. It could help boost your organic traffic.
    Target long tail keywords, start Guest blogging. Make sure your site is responsive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content.

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