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Thread: The Bookmarking Technique of SEO

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    Agreed....you can populate your link via bookmarking your posts on Social media sites like Digg , stumble upon etc

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    Bookmarking is good if you do in proper way, Do not do in bulk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smith786 View Post
    It is a big possibility that many of us are already aware of what the SB or social bookmarking thing is at the current times. It will be very good to be using this as it could produce a lot of possibilities for the sites that we are running at the present times. It is also a good thing that it could be done with the use of those informal tags. The social bookmarks that we have could also make it a big possibility for us to have access to the information about those people who have created the links and tags that we might end up using these days.
    I would like to mention some key facts to
    Keep in mind before sharing content on social media bookmarking site :
    • Headline are not ad taglines
    • Headlines should include keywords
    • Usernames are indexed in search engine
    • Don’t include the company name in the headline
    • Post potentially “Viral information”
    • Include bookmarking links on your website
    • Tags are very important choose wisely

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    Social Bookmarking is the best way to promote your website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjohn View Post
    Social bookmarking sites are great sources for traffic but most of them are nofollow.
    So,You can use high pr bookmarking sites to boost the traffic..don't use nofollow websites...

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    Social Bookmarking is still effective to gain link popularity.

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    Social Bookmarking submission are best off-page seo techniques to increase your website backlinks.

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    If we talk about the kind of SEO Techniques -
    - On-Page SEO (Inner functionalities process)
    - Off-Page SEO (Outer process to make it more Visible)
    Social Bookmarking is Off-Page SEO technique defines a great roll in SEO help to increase the visibility of the website on search engine. It makes your website morepopular and creadible for viewers. Social Bookmarking is best option to gain more traffic on your website.

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